elMOSQUITO / world smallest compact travel guitar (made in Switzerland)

The Model elMOSQUITO is the ultimate solution for travelers and guitarists who want to have ther instrument at hand and prefere or require a  gigbag length of under 54cm.
The body and the neck are detachable in order to allow for minimal packsize (length).

The world wide smalles packsize and weight of  elMOSQUITO is made possible thanks to our patented BodyClip which allows for comfortable ergonomic playability as well as performing as the connecting element of body and neck.

With only a few easy steps the guitar is ready to play (check our video below)
Our patented tuning-machine and foldable BodyClip allow for minimal packsize and weight as well as ergonomic handling (playability) for maximal playing pleasure.

6.3mm jack output allows you to connect the guitar to the amp.


is equiped with a Humbucker pick up. Volume and tone pots allow for individual sound adjustmen.

MSRP Euro *         € 759.-
direct order          € 619.-

Switzerland    CHF 970.- 

elMOSQUITO – W (western)

is equiped with a “under saddle” pick up and is equiped with a on board 2 channel Amplifiere. 3 pots; volumetone and bass allow for individual sound adjustmen.

MSRP Euro *         € 789.-
direct order          € 639.-

Switzerland    CHF 999.


Option:     Headphone Amp    € 45.-
Optionally we also offer a headphone output. This allows a direct connection of headphones to the instrument via a 3.5mm stereo jacks. .
The built-in headphone amplifier is powered by a 9V battery. The battery compartment is acessable on the back of the instrument.