TRIFF-guitars since 1999   made in Switzerland

home of the Swiss travel guitar

Through its attractive and compact design and innovative shape, TheBone-guitar® is a very versatile headless Guitar with integrated pickup system, volume- and tone-controls.
Its light weight and pack size make it ideal to take along.
Almost like a “travel guitar“ only a lot better to hold and perform with, thanks to our patented “BodyClip”.

Sound quality, playability and handling as well as portability were the main considerations in the development of TheBone-guitar®. Select woods and finishes, electronic components as well as specially developed hardware, were carefully selected to meet these requirements.     More…


Details to the travel guitar

standard scale length 24.75 in
weight:    ~     2.6 lb (incl. “BodyClip”)
length:            26.5 or 27.3 inch
width:             3.2 inch
thickness:    1.4 inch

Body Clip for this travel guitar

An important element of this travel guitar is the “Body Clip”.
On the one hand, holding and playing this guitar without our patented “BodyClip” would be quite difficult. On the other hand it allows this guitars to be packed away making it the smallest full scale guitar / travel guitar in the World.
The collapsible “Body-Clip” is made of stainless steel tube segments. An integrated elastic cord strings all segments together guaranteeing easy assembly. When locked together, the segments form a stable unit. In doing so the “Body Clip” is attached to the back of the guitar with ease, giving the instrument that familiar guitar-feeling.
Also while seated, TheBone-gutar® is comfortable to play. Disassembled, “Body Clip” and guitar fit nicely into the bag supplied with the guitar.        More..

Patent: US 6525246 B1 / Subject to modification