two Band EQ  custom by “Shadow”
Volume, Treble,  Bass & Headphone/Amp selector switch

with on board   headphone amp
Jack out to amp & head phones                              

two band EQ “Shadow” custom
volume, treble, bass
selector switch (headphone/amp)
on board Headphone amp

Back view
with battery compartment for internal headphone amp
BodyClip BC-2 (Helix)
Releasable BodyClip foldable, with elastic cord inside the tubs holding the parts in place (patemted).


Weight                                    1.3kg / 2.8 lb
Pack dim.                            68 cm x 13 cm
Strings                                    Steel  Nr. 10
Scale                                         630 / 24.75″
Body                                                  maple
Neck                                                  maple
Frets                                                         22
Color                                                   clear
Bridge                                TRIFF Custom
pick up 1                             under saddle
pick up 2                                humbucker
2 Band EQ
with 3x Pots  –  Volume, Treble, Bass
tuning machine               TRIFF: TM-200
stringholder plate            TRIFF: SR-100
BodyClip                  Triff BC-2  Foldable

on board HP-amp & Battery
– just plug in your headphones and jam!