13 pin MIDI Stage (made in Switzerland)

The 13pin MIDI stage is made out of one piece of mountain maple grown in the Swiss mountains. In combination with a high quality ebony fret board, this guitar excels with a nicely balanced tone and excellent sustain and can easily stand its ground with the family of other fine large “full body” guitars.

Equipped with 6x Piezo bridge-pieces and a “on-board” Hexpander-MIDI-preamp by Graphtech (Canada) the guitar can be connected via a 13-pin MIDI cable to a guitar-synthesizer ( for example GR-20/ GR55 by Roland or Axon).

Next to the 13-pin MIDI out Connector, the guitar also has a regular 1/4” jack out for connecting the guitar to a guitar amp.

is equipped with our two custom specially for theBone-guitar® developed Humbucker pick-ups. 5-way mega switch by Schaller (Germany) allows for easy selection of 5 distinctly different pick up sounds.

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MSRP Euro *       
direct order        € 1390.-

Switzerland   CHF 1780.-

B400 Acoustic  Stage (soon to be introduced)

Two straplock connectors allow for save connection of the strap to the guitar (frame).

String-saver bridge-pieces by Graphtech(Canada) add to the good sustain of the guitar and reduce string breakage.

Our patented tuning machine and foldable BodyClip allow for minimal weight and packing size when on-the-go, and at the same time allows for good ergonomic handling, playability and great playing fun when in performing modus.

The BodyClip (metal frame) is available in 3 different shapes and are all foldable. The BodyClip is made of high quality stainless steel interconnecting tub segments which allow for the unique folding quality of the frame. Internally (inside the segments) an elastic cordel holds the segments in place.

 BodyClip 1
 BodyClip 2
 BodyClip 3
BodyClip folded